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Divorce Lawyer Consultation: Questions to ask

When meeting with a divorce lawyer for an initial consultation, it's beneficial to acquire as much info as possible. Maximizing your time requires that you prepare a list of questions you need answers to before your consultation. If you neglect to prepare and forget to ask about crucial info, you might end up having to pay the attorney to answer those questions at a later time. Generally, your concerns will likely be about monetary and kid custody problems.

Lawyer Fee Structure
The very first concern you must ask the divorce attorney during the consultation is about her cost structure. Particularly, you need to know whether the lawyer will bill you for each hour she invests in your case, including the time she spends answering your concerns, or whether it's a set cost. Considering that divorce proceedings can sometimes take years to finalize, you must get ready for the monetary ramifications.

Divorce Procedures
Every state has different procedures you and your attorney need to follow to apply for divorce. The length of time necessary to finish a divorce will constantly depend on the complexity of your situation, your attorney needs to supply you with a quote of the timeline. If you work full-time or have other responsibilities that consume a bulk of your time, understanding of vital divorce procedures and the time commitments they need can assist you saylin-law.com get ready for what lies ahead.

Spousal support Issues
States have specific rules that determine whether a partner may seek alimony from the other partner. Sometimes, eligibility associates with the length of your marriage, whether you or your partner stays home to raise children, or perhaps the disparity in incomes between spouses. Regardless of whether you are the spouse looking for the spousal support or have concerns about your liability for its payment, raising the concern during the initial assessment with your attorney can provide you with insight into your possible liabilities as you proceed through the divorce.

Child Custody
You need to ask your lawyer what your chances are of getting custody of your children. Given that kid custody issues often prolong divorce procedures, it's best to know which problems are best to concede and which to challenge.

Dividing Marital Assets
Many state divorce laws supply a simple formula for allocating joint properties between partners. However, the formula differs for each state considering that state property laws will determine the ownership rights of each spouse. It's crucial to ask the divorce attorney what the legal structure for splitting marital possessions is in your state.

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